Financial Caregiver

As a Daily Money Manager, my job is to assist those that are having some difficulties  taking care of their day-to-day finances.  It may be due to aging or other health issues, experiencing a life event such as the death of a spouse or a divorce, or because it has become just too time-consuming.

Keeping track of those bills, papers, and items that need attention can become overwhelming at any age. Caregiving involves more than just medical problems.  Even with the technology available today, this can become an issue when the caregiver is managing their own family or lives too far away to stay on top of these tasks.  This is where a Daily Money Manager can help. Bill paying, deposits, investments, insurance, tax filings; all of these financial obligations still need to be attended to,  no matter what else is going on. I’ve been sitting at people’s kitchen tables as a financial caregiver for more than ten years.  I can assist you, or your parents, in managing these day-to-day financial activities and give you the peace of mind knowing everything is being taken care of in a timely way.

When you are ready or have a need for assistance with these responsibilities, I’m here for you at a reasonable cost and with caring service.   As a reputable, knowledgeable and caring professional, I’ll handle your everyday finances with an emphasis on confidentiality, advocacy, and eliminating stress.


Services Offered

  • Oversight of all accounts
  • Bill paying and follow-up
  • Set-up/maintenance of household accounts with a personal finance software program
  • Budget development/spending reporting
  • Notary Public

  • Brokerage statement reconciliation
  • Medical expenses & insurance/Medicare tracking
  • Working with CPAs, financial advisors, insurance agents
  • Organizing financial files
  • Tax documentation compilation

If you think you would benefit from any of the services I provide, please call me at 561-703-0776 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Thank you, Ellen.
We cannot thank you enough for helping our recently widowed mom to organize and manage her everyday household finances. It gave us such peace of mind knowing that a qualified, wonderful person like you is paying her bills, handling her Medicare and insurance issues, and making sure no one is taking advantage of her. We are grateful that mom found you and will recommend you to all her friends.
Julie & Sarah are very happy with the service Ellen provides to their mother.Julie & Sarah